Wednesday, 18 January 2012


DRIVER NETBIOS HACKING HACKING will talk Remote access is difficult-DISK or printer.NETBIOS Hack is the best way to break into a remote computer.
1.Open command prompt
2. To use immediately "net view" command(Or you can also use the "NB Scanner" option "TOOLS IP" software by entering the address IP RANGE. With this method you can scan multiple computers simultaneously).
Example: C: \> net view \ \ above is an example of the operation using the command line. "Net view" is one of the BIOS command to display the shared resources of the remote computer. Here "" is an IP address of the remote computer is done via hacked NetBIOS. Should replace an address IP vlaid in place. If followed by a list of hard drives and printers appear. If this is not an error message. Then repeat the process with two different IP address.
3. After successfully using the "net use" command at the command prompt. The "net use" is another command that allows NetBIOS to develop remote drives or printers.
Example-1:C: \> net use D: \ \ \ FExample-2:C: \ G> net use \ \ \ SharedDocsExample-3:C: \> net use I: \ \ \ MyPrint
NOTE: Examples 1.2 and 3, D:, G: and me: the names of network drives to be created on your computer to access the remote computer hard drive.NOTE: To give names reader who is not used by any other players, including hard drives, floppy drives and ROM-drives on your computer. In other words, if you have C: and D: AS hard dirve driver A: DIVE and E: as the CD-DRIVE, GIVE F: Because shared drive you to the command lineF: "SharedDocs" is the name of the remote computer disks to the hard disk you want to hack "MyPrint" is the name of the printer from the remote computer is displayed after the "net use" command "..." is IP address of the remote computer you want to hack.
4. After successful completion of the computer will give you a message that "The command completed successfully." Once you get the above message is only a step to develop the computer.
Now open "My Computer", you will see a new "hard disk" (common) with the specified name.You can open and access the hard disk of the remote computer. You can copy files, music files etc. Victims hard disk. You can delete / modify data on the hard disk of the victim only if write access is enabled on the system of victims. You can access your files / folders quickly from the "Command Prompt".
NOTE: If the Firewall remote computer you will be able to access a remote PC via NetBIOS.NetBIOS Hacking is not possible in this situation. (An error message appears). Then, repeat the procedure of 2.3, with a different address IP.


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